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Commercial Real Estate Loan Modifications and Work-outs

The Law Offices of David A. Rahm & Associates has participated in more than fifty cases where business owner(s) are purchasing a property through a mortgage with a commercial lender; and the borrower(s) subsequently encounter financial problems.  There are two main reasons for these financial problems.  First, a downturn in the economy has caused the borrower’s business to decline (we have seen cases where business declined as much as 90%!).  Second, because of the significant drop in the value of commercial properties, many borrowers find out they are paying several thousand dollars a month in mortgage payments for a property that is worth a fraction of what they owe!

If you are upside down on your commercial property; or have a second mortgage; or have a high monthly payment even though your business has still not fully recovered from the business “meltdown,” what are you waiting for?

Call The Law Offices of David A. Rahm & Associates for a free consultation today to see what your options are.  It can mean the difference between keeping or losing your building; or even keeping or losing your business.  You have valiantly fought the lender by yourself, we are here to help.

Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant, The Law Offices of David A. Rahm & Associates can assist you in resolving a dispute or negotiating untenable terms to your lease. We have represented both business and property owners in resolving these types of disputes without unnecessary litigation or contention.  It is hard for dueling parties (landlords and tenants) to work together once the trust has been lost.  Let us help you re-establish that trust again.  For a free consultation, call the offices of The Law Offices of Rahm & Associates.

Other Commercial Real Estate Services

As with residential real property matters, The Law Offices of Rahm & Associates are here to assist business property owners (landlords and tenants) with the sale and transfer; with transfer by estate, death trust or will; with commercial real estate litigation matters; and related real property issues. Lawyers are successful because clients come to them after they have made a significant mistake.  Litigation is both expensive and rarely merited.  By investing in the experience of a knowledgeable real estate attorney at the Law Offices of Rahm & Associates you can often avoid costly complications. Call The Law Offices of Rahm & Associates for a free consultation today.

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