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Credit Card Negotiation and Settlement

Did you lose your job for a period of time during the downturn in the economy starting in 2007?  Did you get behind on your mortgage; second mortgage and credit cards?  We have helped many clients settle their debts for pennies on the dollar, and we can also help you settle your consumer debt, including credit card debt.

There is a way to minimize what you have to pay the credit card company for that obligation.  Maybe the credit card company has already sued you and you are in litigation.  If you do nothing, you will likely be held liable for the amount owed, interest, attorneys’ fees, and court costs. It is also likely that creditors will garnish your paycheck.  This can cause you embarrassment and loss of respect with your employer.

Even if you haven’t yet been sued, aren’t you tired of all the calls from the credit card company and the various collection agencies to which these obligations have been assigned?  Why fight them on your own when Rahm and Associates have helped many clients in situations just like yours to settle these obligations, sometimes for pennies on the dollar?  Call us today for a free consultation and see what you can do to resolve your debts, rebuild your credit, and stop all of the harassing phone calls.

Medical bills and other consumer debt obligations

In today’s economic climate, it is easy for to people get behind on house rent, appliance purchases, medical bills and related consumer debt.  While the economy has begun to rebound and unemployment has dropped, many consumers are still just barely paying their current bills and do not know what to do about their past-due bills.  They are tired of the calls and tired of the letters.  They hate to answer the phone or pick up the mail. Stop losing sleep over unpaid debts!  Come see Rahm and Associates and we will determine if we can use one of our methods to negotiate a settlement and a payment plan you can afford to resolve the issue(s).  Call us for a free consultation to learn more.


Bankruptcy is a constitutionally guaranteed right granted by our Founding Fathers. The attorneys at Rahm & Associates can help you to manage personal or professional debts you are unable to pay. Bankruptcy laws allow people and businesses to get a “fresh start” by relieving most of your debts or providing for a reasonable alternative. When you file for bankruptcy protection, all other legal actions against you are halted. Creditors cannot pursue lawsuits, garnish your wages, repossess your assets, or start or continue with a foreclosure action against your home. There are several types of bankruptcy, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Bankruptcy is not a first option, it is a last option.  But there are times when it is totally reasonable to your financial situation start over.  There are even times when that is the only reasonable alternative a person has.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of David A. Rahm & Associates can give you the advice you need to make the right decision.  For a free consultation, call our offices today.  We handle individual and business bankruptcies.  Complex cases are partnered with other bankruptcy attorneys.

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